A Complete M Stock Review

Dive into our mStock Review and explore the revolutionary offerings of Mstock. mStock is a new-age stock broker with cutting-edge technologies by Mirae Asset, with more than 25+ years of experience globally in the financial market. It reached a customer base of 3 lakhs very rapidly within a year only.

They provide free brokerage across all segments, the first in the industry. Their plans are customer-centric and, in the long run, very financially beneficial for customers.

mStock Review

Mirae Asset is a South Korean company headquartered in Seoul. It has a global presence in major developed and developing countries. The company has 25+ years of experience in the financial sector and has been in India for more than 15+ years. It mainly deals in mutual funds and provides high-end schemes and top-notch customer service.

Last year, they launched Mstock to invest in equity, currency, IPOs, and mutual funds. Their growth is phenomenal, and they offer features like a lifetime free brokerage charge and lifetime free AMC.

They also provide a margin for investment at the lowest rates, up to 6.99%. This is the lowest in the current market scenario. Let’s talk about the key features of the mStock review:

Key features of M Stock Review:

  • Zero brokerage charge across all the segments by paying just a one-time charge of Rs 999/-, or Rs 20 per executed order. If you are trading or investing just by paying a one-time fee, you are free from the brokerage charge, which eventually saves you a lot. It increases your net profits as overheads are less.
  • Lifetime free AMC charges by paying just one one-time charge of Rs 999/- or Rs 120/- per quarter. If you are opting for the lifetime plans, it also saves a lot every year as AMC is also a recurring charge with other brokers. It varies from around Rs 300 to Rs 1000 a year with other brokers.
  • The lowest interest charge is 6.99% for margin trading funding. (only for equity) Also, there is no limit on the holding period. For other brokers, it ranges from 18% to 32% annually.
  • The lowest DP charge is Rs 12 per scrip across competitors. For other brokers, it ranges from Rs 18 to Rs 28.
  • Zero brokerage charge for Corporate actions. Many brokers charge around Rs 20 per place for corporate actions as well.
  • All instruments like equity, currency, IPO, and mutual funds are on a single platform.
  • Cutting-edge technology with ease of interpretation features like Pivot point, live portfolio with intelligent actions, etc.
  • Unique features like voice search for stocks and contracts. In general, other brokers do not provide voice search.
  • Voice assistance on every step for help.
  • You can see the whole portfolio on a single screen.
  • A demo video with an app download will guide you through the platform’s features.

Pros and Cons of mStock:

Pros Cons
User-Friendly Interface Limited Research and Analysis Tools
Mobile Accessibility Lack of Comprehensive Educational Resources
Real-Time Market Data Limited Range of Investment Products
Quick Order Execution Absence of Advanced Trading Features
Seamless Portfolio Management Relatively Higher Brokerage Fees
Customizable Alerts and Notifications Limited Customer Support Options
Integrated News and Analysis Lack of Direct Participation in Corporate Actions like Buybacks and Rights Issues
Social Trading Features Possible Platform Stability Issues During High Traffic
Instant Fund Transfers Potential Security Concerns

Trading Platform-

The trading platform is under the name mStock only. The app is feature-rich and suitable from an investor’s point of view. For a trader, there are only a few features. From a trader’s perspective, basket order is a significant missing. The platform has only been around for one year so we may see feature updates in the coming days. The app sometimes lags and does not work correctly. The mStock Review provides an insightful analysis of the cutting-edge stock broker.

It has 5M+ downloads on the Play Store and is rated 3+. The last update was on August 3, 2023.

Comparison Among mStock, Zerodha, Groww, and Upstox

Particular mStock Zerodha Groww Upstox
Brokerage Zero* Rs 20 per order Rs 20 per order Rs 20 per order
Margin 5X 5X 5X 5X
DP charge Rs 14.16 Rs 15.93 Rs 15.93 Rs 21.83
AMC charge Zero* Rs 354 p.a. Zero Zero
Margin Funding Yes(6.99%) No No Yes(10.30%)
Client Base 3 lacs 1.20 Cr 4 cr 1cr
App rating on Play Store 3.4 4.1 4.3 4.6

Note:- The AMC charge and brokerage charge for Mstock is free for a lifetime with a one-time fee of Rs 999+18%GST for each.

Conclusion – mStock Review

In conclusion, the M Stock Review sheds light on a modern stock brokerage that combines innovation, experience, and rapid growth. Backed by Mirae Asset’s extensive financial expertise, mStock’s cutting-edge technologies and customer-centric approach have propelled it to amass an impressive customer base of 3 lakhs within just a year. With unique features, insightful analysis, and a commitment to empowering investors, M Stock stands as a beacon of the evolving stock trading landscape. As you embark on your investment journey, consider mStock as your partner in making informed and strategic choices, poised for success in the dynamic world of finance.

FAQs About mStock Review-

1. What is the brokerage charge for equity delivery in mStock?

Ans:- The brokerage charge for delivery is 0(zero) in mStock.

2. What is the brokerage charge for Futures & Options(Equity, Commodity, and Currency) in mStock?

Ans:- The brokerage charge for Futures (Equity, Commodity, and Currency) is 0 if you have taken Rs 999 for the lifetime plan. Otherwise, Rs 20 per executed order will be charged.

3. What is the trading platform of mStock?

Ans:- The mStock is the trading platform of mStock.

4. What are the AMC charges of M stock?

Ans:- The AMC charge is free with a Rs 999 lifetime plan. Otherwise, you have to pay Rs 120 per quarter.

5. Which exchanges can I trade in Mstock?

Ans:- You can trade in NSE or BSE.

6. What are the account opening charges at Mstock?

Ans: The account opening charge for equity at Mstock is free.

7. Can we apply for IPOs at Mstock, and what are the charges for applying?

Ans:- You can apply for IPOs at Mstock with a UPI ID. There are no charges for IPO applications at Mstock

8. What is the DP charge at Mstock?

Ans:- The DP charge at Mstock is Rs 12+18% GST.

9. What is the gateway charge at Mstock for adding funds?

Ans:- The gateway charge at Mstock is Rs 7-11+18%GST.

10. What is the Auto Square-off charge at Mstock?

Ans:- The Auto Square-off charge at Mstock is Rs 60+18% GST.

11. How much time is required to withdraw funds at mStock?

Ans:- The withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours at mStock.

by Instockbroker Team | May 14, 2024

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