Zerodha vs. m.Stock – Choose the Best Trading Partner

Zerodha VS mStockIn recent times, especially post-pandemic, there has been a rise in online trading platforms since many investors are getting into the stock market zone. This explosive growth gave birth to many players, and choosing among the best is challenging. Two of the most preferred trading platforms are Zerodha and m.Stock. To help you choose the best, Zerodha vs mStock, we present you with a comparison and insight into both companies. You can then decide which falls under your needs.

Selecting a broker or trading platform is among the most crucial choices for every trader or investor. A trader aims to get good returns on stock investment and get the right advice to keep investment safe. A broker can improve your trading performance and experience by offering various services, features, and a platform for executing trades.

Zerodha Overview

Zerodha is among the top online platforms offering institutional, brokerage-free equities investing and commodities trading platforms. Launched in 2010 by Nithin Kamath, a former trader to eradicate the hurdles investors faced regarding technology, service, and cost in the Indian broking sector. What makes Zerodha the leading player is its innovative pricing strategy, which offers a flat charge of ₹20 per order for intraday and derivative trading and zero brokerage on equity delivery orders. Zerodha has around 6.3 million active users, which is quite a good number.

m.Stock Overview

m.Stock, a new player in online trading platforms, was launched in 2022 by Asset Management Company Mirae Asset. Mirae Asset is a worldwide leader in the finance sector, carrying 19 years of experience in capital markets and is spread over 15 countries and the management of assets close to USD 700 billion. With its innovative offer of 0% brokerage for life on all products—including delivery, intraday, mutual funds, and initial public offerings (IPOs)—for a one-time cost of ₹999, mStock seeks to reshape the Indian trading broking industry completely.

Choosing the Best Stock Broker Between Zerodha vs. mStock

The platform aims to conduct thorough and unbiased reviews, helping traders invest in the right stock through a brokerage platform. Here, we’ll assist you with side-by-side broker comparisons and detailed reviews, helping you choose the best broker.

Making well-informed decisions is a top priority for suitable stock investments. Instock Broker is a one-stop platform where you can read reviews of Zerodha vs M.Stock and learn about the benefits investors can get. The platform facilitates critical financial decision-making by providing impartial reviews, technically sophisticated tools, and reliable facts.

While reading the comparison between Zerodha and mStock, you can decide which platform offers you an excellent chance to trade and charges less brokerage. Moreover, comparing commission rates and other aspects along with features from stock brokers is essential to maximize return on investment. 

The Instock Broker has made life easy for investors looking for a trading platform who need clarification about where to register. Read our comparison review between Zerodha vs. M.Stock, and you will find the best one for trading. 

Top Features of m.Stock and Zerodha

Both brokerage and trading platforms have features that allow you to compare them easily. Some of these are-

Zerodha Features

  • Easy access to IPOs and stocks
  • Derivatives trading in currencies, stocks, and commodities.
  • SIP or mutual fund investments
  • Bonds and government securities
  • Multiple trading app options- Kite, Console, and Coin

m.Stock Features

  • No commissions on stock trades
  • There are no annual fees to maintain demat accounts.
  • Refer-a-friend program with cash bonuses.
  • Easy access to technical indicators and finance stats.

Zerodha vs. m.Stock – A Quick Comparison

Services Zerodha m.Stock
Trading Options Equity, Commodity, IPOs & ETFs Currency, Futures and Options, and Mutual Funds, Equity, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPOs & ETFs, Futures and Options.
Account Opening Charges Rs 200 for account opening + Rs 100 for commodity    Rs 999 one-time fee for account opening, also covers brokerage cost.  
AMC Fees Pay Rs 300 or Rs 100 per quarter Get lifetime free AMC under Rs 999 or pay Rs 120 per quarter

Brokerage Plans










0.03% or Rs. 20 per for each order

0.03% or Rs. 20 per for each order

Rs. 20 per for each order






0.03% or Rs. 20 per order

Rs. 20 per for each order







0.03% or Rs. 20 per for each order

Rs 20


Call & Trade Charges

Rs 50

Upto 9.99%

Auto Square Off Charges

Rs 50

Rs 60 for each position

Mutual Funds



Transaction Charges- Zerodha vs m.Stock

Particulars Zerodha mStock
Equity   Delivery Intraday     NSE: Rs.345 per crore BSE: Rs.375 per crore     NSE: Rs.325 per crore BSE: Rs.375 per crore
F&O   Futures Options     NSE: 0.002% NSE: 0.053%     NSE: 0.0019 NSE:0.050% (Premium)
Currency   Futures     Options     NSE: 0.0009% BSE: N/A   NSE: 0.035% BSE: N/A     NSE: 0.0009% BSE: 0.00022%   NSE: 0.035% BSE: 0.001%
Commodity   Futures   Option     0.0026%   0.05%     NA   NA

Multiple Trading Platforms – Zerodha Vs m.Stock

Both trading companies run different trading platforms, helping traders to trade efficiently.

mStock Trading Platforms

  • Web Portal

If you wish to perform trading or any similar service of mStock, you can use their web portal. Many users are not comfortable trading mobile devices for trading, so the easy-to-use web portal is the best option. You can use features including technical data, Tradingview charts, and others.

  • Trading App

The m.Stock Trading App is the best tool for trading using a smartphone. One-click order Placement, Price Alerts, One View Portfolio, and Option Chain Analysis are all included in the program.

Zerodha Trading Platforms

  • Kite Web

Zerodha Kite Web allows users of laptops or PCs to trade using a browser. A simple-to-use web interface makes trading and viewing easy and seamless. Moreover, the desktop app comes with a reporting system that eliminates the issues of multiple order types, overtrading, and others.

  • Mobile App

The mobile app version is seamless to use and comes with features including Indicators, Tradingview, Watchlists, and others.

  • Zerodha Currency

The Zerodha Coin or currency is for long-term investors. Using Zerodha Coin, you don’t need to pay any commission for investment in Bonds or Direct Mutual Funds.

Pros and Cons of Zerodha and mStock

m.Stock Pros

  • Zero brokerage plan at a one-time fee of ₹999
  • Free Lifetime AMC for ₹999
  • No brokerage charges on Delivery, Mutual Funds, and IPO
  • 24/7 customer support

m.Stock Cons

  • Commodity trading is yet to come.
  • The cover order and bracket order are still not available.

Zerodha Pros

  • There are no fees on the stock delivery, and it charges a nominal trading fee.
  • The website has a charge calculator that you can use to estimate what to expect with Zerodha trading.
  • No minimum amount is required to open an account on Zerodha.

Zerodha Cons

  • There are restrictions on opening demat accounts to offline processes for NRIs, HUFs, and companies.
  • Customer service may take a while to respond, and occasional software errors occur.
  • No all-in-one platform for shares, Golden Pi for bonds, Coin for mutual funds, etc.

Who is the Winner?

We have covered the maximum amount of information to help you make the proper comparison between Zerodha vs mStock. You must consider your trading requirements and preferences when choosing between the two. In the end, m.Stock and Zerodha have unique benefits and accommodate various trading styles.

However, Zerodha is a clear winner here with its extensive user base, market valuation, and years of operation. At present, the valuation of Zerodha is around $3.6 billion, and has more than 65 lakh users. On the other hand, m.Stock attracted over 1 lakh Indian users within one year of establishment, an outstanding achievement. 

It is best to compare, know your requirements, and stay updated to use the right platform. Happy Trading!


FAQ About Zerodha and m.Stock

Q1: Which is better, Zerodha or m.Stock, and why?
Among Zerodha vs mStock, Zerodha has more clients and better trading platforms. But seeing the aggressive growth of mStock it seems that it can beat its competitors soon!

Q2: Which broker charges lower brokerage fees, m.Stock or Zerodha?
m.Stock offers a brokerage-free plan for ₹999, while Zerodha charges ₹20 per executed order for intraday trading. The choice depends on your trading frequency and preferences.

Q3: What are the account opening charges at Zerodha and m.Stock?
Opening an account with Zerodha requires a one-time payment of ₹200. An extra ₹100 is applicable for access to the commodity segment.
With m.Stock you can open an account by paying a one-time fee of Rs. 999 for a lifetime free brokerage plan

Q4: Do both m.Stock and Zerodha offer mobile trading apps.
Yes, both m.Stock and Zerodha provide mobile trading apps for convenient on-the-go trading experiences.

Q5: Are there any charges for mutual fund and IPO investments with mStock and Zerodha?
 Both mStock and Zerodha offer free mutual fund investments through their platforms and do not charge any fees for IPO investments.

Q6: Can you trade commodities with M Stock and Zerodha?
No, mStock does not support commodity trading. You can trade commodities with Zerodha.

Q7: What are the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for Demat accounts with mStock and Zerodha?
mStock offers two options: Get a lifetime free AMC by paying Rs. 999 once or pay Rs. 120 per quarter (Rs. 480 annually). Zerodha charges Rs. 75 per quarter (Rs. 300 annually) for their Demat account AMC.

Q8: What is the trading platform of Zerodha and m.Stock?
The Kite is the trading platform of Zerodha while m.stock is the trading platform of m.Stock.

Q9: What is the call and Trade charge at Zerodha and M.Stock?
m.Stock offers Call & Trade services for free, while Zerodha charges Rs. 50 per order for this service.

Q10: What is the client base of zerodha and m.stock?
Zerodha has a client base of over 1.60cr while m.stock has a client base of over 3 lacs.


by Instockbroker Team | May 27, 2024

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