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Set up in 1987, Angel One (previously Angel Broking) is one of the reputed full-service stock brokers in India. It also offers discount brokerage services to retail traders and investors. The best stock broker in India offers a plethora of trading and investment services, including stock trading, investment advisory, loans against shares, margin funding, and others.

Though there are several benefits of choosing Angel One for online stock trading, the most salient feature of this stockbroker is its back-office software system. By doing Angel Broking Login, traders and investors can access the broker’s wide-ranging products & services under one roof. Trading software systems are paramount when delivering best-in-class online stock trading experience to traders and investors. This is where Angel One takes the lead with Angel Broking Login.

In this post, we will delve deeper into the ‘Angel Broking Login’ topic and how you can use it to seek benefits.

Angel Broking Login

What is Angel Broking Login?

Angel Broking Login is the back-office software system by Angel One, a leading full-service stockbroker in India. Registered traders and investors can log in to this system and easily access all the features Angel One provides. Some of the significant features of Angel Broking Login are portfolio manager, latest news, back-office, research reports, charts, stock screeners, and many others.

Due to Angel One’s unmatched exposure to advanced technology, it has become much easier for investors to open an account with Angel One and access Angel Broking Login.

Major Features of Angel One Login-

  • Simple yet intuitive user interface—The smart user interface of the Back Office makes it easier for even non-technology people to get into online stock trading without any hassle.
  • Fund Choices—After successfully logging into Angel Broking’s back office, users can access all ‘Pay-in’ and ‘Pay-out’ transaction details.
  • Accessibility – Built on the latest technology, the back-office software system can be accessed by users anytime, anywhere.
  • Technology—As a leader in technological applications, Angel Broking has equipped this program with the most recent technology, making it a market leader in trading software.
  • DP (Depository Participant) Tran: After a successful Angel One Login, this tab shows the most recent ten transactions made under your DP account.

Angel One Trading Software

Angel One Trade software can be accessed in multiple ways.

Angel SpeedPro (Desktop App)

Angel SpeedPro is a desktop-based stock trading program that gives traders and investors a terminal-like experience. The registered members of Angel One can download this software on their desktop or laptop, connect to the internet, and start trading. The program offers a variety of cutting-edge and crucial tools for analysis, and trading are available including:

  • One-point access to various segments and exchanges
  • Stock trading and monitoring from the dashboard
  • Live streaming quotes
  • Quick order execution
  • Check your portfolio with scrip-wise buy prices, day’s gain/loss, and overall profit/loss.
  • Invest or redeem mutual funds.
  • Access to research reports
  • Watch and update live market data in Excel.
  • Timely notifications and alerts

Angel One Trade Web Platform

Angel One Trade is a web-based trading platform by Angel One. The web-based application has several features to manage your portfolio and identify opportunities with seamless access to advanced research information and faster trading. The significant features offered by the Angel One Trade website are-

  • Trade in different segments from a single platform
  • Create multiple watch lists and track desired scrips.
  • Stock screeners
  • Interactive charts with technical indicators
  • Get the latest market information, live news, research reports, calculators, etc
  • Option to add and manage accounts and investments of the entire family
  • Quick notifications and reminders

Angel One Mobile App

Angel One app is the mobile trading software by Angel One. The Angel One App is driven by ARQ, a data-driven recommendation engine that utilizes cognitive algorithms, machine learning, and top insights to recommend the best mutual funds and stocks. The Angel mobile trading app has many wonderful features, including-

  • Access to ARQ advisory, notification, and portfolio monitoring
  • Live streaming quotes
  • Create customized watchlists
  • Interactive intraday charts with 40+ technical indicators
  • Easy fund transfer with 40+ banks
  • Mutual Fund Investments
  • Instant news and in-depth Reports on stocks and Markets
  • Get fundamental ratios and the last five corporate actions for stocks.
  • Stock advisory
  • View and track your portfolio for Equity, Derivatives, and Mutual funds.

Angel One Login

To log in, you need to click on this link – https://trade.angelone.in/

  • Once registered, investors can start online stock trading with Angel One in just one hour.
  • Free equity trading
  • Interactive charts with technical indicators
  • Create multiple watch lists.
  • Quick alerts & notifications
  • Access portfolio in a single click

Angel One Login Process

The Angel Broking Mobile App is based on ARQ, a rule-based investing engine. It provides a platform for customers’ trading and investment needs. Below, we have outlined the step-by-step procedure for logging into the mobile app for Angel Broking.

The Angel Broking mobile app contains some eye-catching features that provide fast trading without irregularities. After downloading it, you’ll want to check out many more features. The steps to log into the Angel Broking Trade App are:-

There are two ways to Angel Broking login – Through the registered phone no. or Client ID

  1. Once entered, an OTP (One time password) will be sent to the registered mobile number and email ID
  2. After the OTP is entered, the user will be prompted to set up an MPIN.
  3. After entering the MPIN, the login will be successful (once the MPIN is set up, all future logins can be done using that MPIN).
  4. If the user wants, he/she can also use their biometric data (such as Face ID) for enhanced security.

Note: To spare consumers from having to enter the OTP each time they want to log in, Angel One has increased the OTP’s validity to seven days. As a result, during the next seven days after entering an OTP, the user won’t need to enter another OTP while logging in.

A Quick Review of Angel One- Brokerage Charges, Service, and Others

Angel One is one of the leading stock brokers in India. It was founded in 1987 and has earned great respect among investors and stock traders. Investors can choose from multiple trading options, including bonds, insurance, IPOs, equity, and others.

Over the years, Angel One has grown widely and currently has around 45 lakh active users, making it the most preferred broker in India. Additionally, it is in 1800 cities with more than 11,000 sub-brokers.

Overview of Brokerage Plans

Since many new and established players already exist, Angel One decided to reshape its brokerage plans in November 2019 to stay competitive against players like Zerodha and others. The “Angel iTrade PRIME” flat rate brokerage plan is now available from Angel One. With the exception of equity delivery, accessible to all users, this plan allows trading in all market sectors. At present, Angle One charges zero for brokerage. Below is the actual brokerage plan from Angel One-

Product  Brokerage Plans
Equity Delivery Rs 0
Equity Intraday Flat Rs 20 
Equity F&O Flat Rs 20 
Currency  F&O Flat Rs 20 
Commodity F&O Flat Rs 20 

Opening Demat Account on Angel One

Angel One offers a quick demat account opening process. There is no fee for trading account opening and maintenance. However, the broker firm charges Rs 240 for yearly demat account maintenance.

There are two ways you can open an account on Angel One-

  • Online Account Opening

You can open your demat account online using the Digital Know Your Customer process. It is a quick account opening process.

  • By visiting the Branch

If you need to become more familiar with the online process, you can visit the branch office of Angel One’s sub-broker. You will receive complete assistance with account opening and other methods.

Angel One Services

Angel ARQ 

Getting professional and proper stock trading or investment advice is vital to gain a good return. The Angel ARQ, the company’s investment advisory tool, is a rule-based investment engine. Although the tool is robotic, it does offer real-time assistance in suggesting stock investment ideas to users. With ML and Cognitive Algorithms, the tool will help you with recommendations for equity stocks and mutual funds. 

Angel iTrade Prime

Angel iTrade Prime is a premium trading plan with flat fee pricing. Other than an extra Rs. 20 for call and trading fees, no hidden charges exist. It lets you open a Demat account for free without brokerage fees.

In addition to the free account, iTrade Prime offers a Demat account with no annual fees, customizable terms, and affordable brokerage. Users get smartphone apps and on-call trading services.

Angel One Trading Platforms

Investors can use different Angel One platforms to open accounts and trade efficiently. There are three other platforms-

Mobile APP

The Angel One app is available for Android and iOS users. It has an easy interface for trading and monitoring the market.

Angel One Trading Site

Investors and traders can use the trading website to access market knowledge easily.

Angel SpeedPro

This desktop version helps clients get single-window trading so that traders can have a good experience.


Angel One is perfect for beginners and professional traders because it offers enough services. Moreover, its trading advisory tool and personalized assistance attract investors to the platform.


FAQs About Angel Broking Login-

1. What does an MPIN mean?

Ans: MPIN is a four-digit PIN that traders and investors use to access their Angel One account. It is primarily used for two-factor authentication to increase the security quotient of Angel Broking Login.

2. How can I log in to Angel Broking Web?

Ans: Yes, you can easily log in to Angel Broking through its web portal and enter your login credentials to access the dashboard.

3. What is a Client ID, and where can I find it to log in?

Ans: The Client ID is a unique identification number assigned to each Angel Broking account. You can find it in your welcome email or account statement or contact Angel Broking customer support.

4. What does Robo order in Angel One?

Ans: Angel Robo orders enable automated purchasing or selling of shares in intraday trading when they reach a trigger price. Along with the first order in the Robo order, you may also place two further orders.

5. How can I get my Angel One user ID and password?

Ans: If you are a newly registered member, you will receive an email notification with your ID and password. After logging in successfully, you can choose to reset your password.

Call 18602002006 or 18605005006 if you need clarification about your Angel One login information. You can also email your inquiry to [email protected].

6. Is the Angel Broking login process secure?

Ans: Angel Broking employs robust security measures to protect your account. It often uses two-factor authentication (2FA) for an added layer of security during login.

7. How can I recover my Angel One Login account?

Ans: If your account is inactive, you can start trading again, buy securities, or close it once you reactivate it. This will also help protect your account from fraudsters who could use it to carry out unauthorized stock market activities. The following three easy steps will reactivate your account.

  • Send a reactivation request from the email address you registered with.
  • Display a valid ID card and any additional paperwork the exchange may need.
  • The Angel One login would be accessible again.

8. Can I log in to Angel Broking from multiple devices?

Ans: You can log in to your Angel Broking account from multiple devices. However, be cautious about the security of your devices and log out after each session.

9. Is there a mobile app for Angel Broking login?

Ans: Angel Broking provides a mobile app for seamless login and trading on the go. Download the app from the respective app store, log in with your credentials, and access your account.

10. What do I do if my Angel Broking account is locked?

Ans: Contact Angel Broking customer support if your account is locked due to multiple failed login attempts. They will guide you through the account unlocking process.

11. Can I enable additional security features for my Angel Broking login?

Ans: Angel Broking may offer additional security features like biometric authentication or PIN-based logins. Check your account’s security settings to explore and enable these options.

by Instockbroker Team | May 14, 2024

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