Groww App Brokerage Calculator

Groww Brokerage Calculator

Groww app brokerage calculator is an online tool that lets traders know the total charge or fees they must pay the broker for every trading transaction. The fees are levied as a percentage of the whole deal value. Brokers assess this cost in addition to the initial trade value and take it out of the trader’s portfolio. Using this brokerage calculator is essential to knowing how much fees you will pay and accordingly making the decision.

This article provides complete insight into the Groww app brokerage calculator and other aspects for easy trading.

What is Groww?

Groww is the leading online investment and trading platform. It allows traders to trade multiple financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, securities, and others. The platform wants to make investing clear-cut, understandable, and available.

Currently, Groww has more than 56,54,456 active investor accounts. In addition to research and educational materials, the platform provides tools that assist users in making well-informed financial decisions. Its interface is easy to use. Additionally, it offers the option of direct mutual fund investing, which enables users to make commission and fee-free mutual fund investments.

What is Groww Brokerage Calculator?


Groww Brokerage Calculator is an online tool that assists traders and investors in determining the cost of buying or selling securities like bonds or equities. It is crucial for anyone trying to make well-informed investment decisions because it enables them to comprehend the entire scope of the expenses associated with a trade.

Groww brokerage includes fees and commissions for its services, such as research and other services, account maintenance, and transaction execution. Investors must be aware of these fees and commissions to make wise selections, as they can substantially impact the total cost of a trade. Groww’s brokerage calculator helps traders make informed decisions regarding investments and trading. 

Two Types of Groww Brokerage Calculator

You will have two options when you use the Groww brokerage calculator. These are-

  • Intraday Groww Brokerage Calculator

In this, you can calculate the brokerage fee on intraday trading. For example, if you get a Rs 10,000 turnover. There will be an intraday brokerage fee of Rs. 5. Since STT is not imposed on the buy side in intraday trading, there will be no charges. Exchange fees are as follows: NSE: 0.00325%, BSE: 0.00375%; hence, the turnover will be Rs. 0.00. Moreover, the fee includes GST 18%, resulting in Rs 1.01. Since SEBI charges are based on a crore, the amount will be Rs. 0.01. Stamp charges on the buy side are 0.003% or Rs. 300 per crore, which works out to Rs. 0.30. Therefore, the total cost would be Rs. 6.61.

  • Delivery Groww Brokerage Calculator

Assume you get a profit of Rs 10,000. Thus, there would be a brokerage fee of Rs. 5. Since there are 0.1% buy and sell fees in delivery trading, the STT charge will be Rs. 0.10. The fee includes a GST of 18%, costing Rs. 1.17. Since SEBI charges are based on a crore, the amount will be Rs. 0.01. The sum will be Rs. 1.50 due to the stamp duty charges on equity delivery, which are 0.015% or Rs. 1500/ crore on the buy side. Additionally, the total cost would be Rs. 7.77.

How to Use Groww App Brokerage Calculator?

When it comes to using Groww Brokerage Calculator, you should be aware of its formula. The general formula is-

Brokerage = Number of shares sold/bought x Price of one unit of stock x brokerage percentage

Here is an example-

Let’s say you purchase 20 shares of TATA Consultancy at Rs 2,000 each. Within ten days of the purchase, you decide to sell them all at Rs 2100. You will be charged a brokerage fee of Rs 0.5%.

Rs. [(20 x 2000) + (20 x 2100)]

Or Rs. (40,000 + 42000) = Rs.82,000

Since the fee is 0.5% as brokerage, the total fee she pays to the broker is:

Rs. (82000 x 0.5%) = Rs.410

What do the Factors Groww App Brokerage Calculator depend on?

When it comes to using the Groww brokerage calculator, there are different factors, including-

  • Purchase/Selling Price

The price of buy/sell of a single security unit can influence brokerage costs in the stock market. It contrasts the brokers truthfully.

  • Quantity of Transactions

The number of transactions significantly impacts brokerage estimates as well, whether they are calculated manually or with the aid of a brokerage calculator. The amount of brokerage on shares is determined by volume. Some brokers, however, lower the percentage charge when traders place large orders.

  • Account type 

A premium account with lower costs or extra services is one of the various account kinds that brokerage firms provide, each with a different fee structure.

  • Extra fees

When determining the overall brokerage price, remember that certain brokerage houses may charge extra for services like account upkeep or research materials. At Groww, you can get complete information about the additional charges levied on trading. 

What are the Benefits of Using Groww App Brokerage Calculator?

Besides giving accurate brokerage fee information, the Groww app calculator offers other advantages. This includes-

Easy to Use

The brokerage calculator from Groww is easy to use. You just need to add details, and the calculator will present you with the result.

Fees Comparison

It can help you identify the most affordable rate by comparing various brokerage firms’ fees.

Well-informed investment judgments

Once you are aware of the trading fees, you can decide whether to trade or not. 


Once you know the impact of brokerage fees, you can do the budgeting accordingly. 

Enhanced Transparency 

The calculator offers transparency to know how much a trade will cost, including hidden costs.

Your Ideal Platform for Brokerage Calculator

Using the stock brokerage calculator is the best way to know how much brokerage you should pay to the platform. Groww Brokerage Calculator serves the same purpose by assisting traders and investors in figuring out how much it will cost to buy or sell securities like stocks or bonds. Learning about this tool is essential, especially for new stock investors. Instock Broker offers complete insight into how this calculator can help you determine how you need to pay. The good part is that these calculators do not charge. Besides calculator insights, we offer comparison insights for stock brokerage services. The comparison covers different aspects of a trading platform’s commissions, brokerage, fee-supported order types, chart capabilities, etc.



FAQs For Groww App Brokerage Calculator

Q1. What is the Groww app brokerage calculator?

Ans – Groww app brokerage calculator is a tool that helps investors estimate the brokerage charges associated with their stock or mutual fund transactions.

Q2. How can I find the brokerage calculator on the Groww App?

Ans – You can access the brokerage calculator on the Groww App by logging in, going to the ‘More’ section, and selecting ‘Brokerage Calculator,’ or you can check this page and link to our brokerage calculator page.

Q3. Is the Groww app brokerage calculator available for free?

Ans – Yes, using the Groww app brokerage calculator is completely free. It’s a tool that empowers users with insights into potential brokerage costs.

Q4. Can I use the brokerage calculator without having a Groww account?

Ans – No, you need to have a registered Groww account to use the brokerage calculator. This ensures personalized calculations based on your account details.

Q5. How frequently are the brokerage rates updated in the Calculator?

Ans – Brokerage rates are fixed and change often. You can calculate brokerage and other charges upfront.

Q6. Does the brokerage calculator factor in market fluctuations?

Ans – Brokerage costs and other charges vary depending on the quantity of shares you buy or sell. You can enter the buy price and sell price to calculate.

Q7. Can I use the brokerage calculator for options and futures trading calculations?

Ans – Yes, you can calculate by entering the number of lots of futures and options you are planning to buy and sell.

Q8. Are there any hidden fees not included in the brokerage calculator estimates?

Ans – The brokerage calculator provides estimates based on known charges. However, users should be aware of any additional fees or taxes that may apply to their transactions.

Q9. Can I use the brokerage calculator on the Groww website, or is it exclusive to the app?

Ans – The brokerage calculator is available on the Groww App and the website, allowing users to choose their preferred platform.

Q10. Can I use the brokerage calculator for long-term investment planning?

Ans – Yes, the brokerage calculator helps estimate charges for short-term and long-term investments, allowing users to plan their investment strategies effectively.

Q11. Can the brokerage calculator be used for tax planning purposes?

Ans – While the brokerage calculator provides insights into potential charges, it is not explicitly designed for tax planning. Users should consult with tax professionals for comprehensive tax planning strategies.

by Instockbroker Team | May 14, 2024

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